Monday, July 19, 2010

it's mugging time!

Captain: Are you ready kids?
Kids: Aye-aye Captain.
Captain: I can't hear you...
Kids: Aye-Aye Captain!!
Captain: Ohhhhhhhh! Who lives in the library in RJC?
Captain: Diligent and clever and mugger is he!
Captain: If mugging with muggers be something you wish...
Captain: Then come to the library and study with him!
Captain: Ready?
Captain: PATRICK .... THE MUGGER! Haha. (ba-da-ba-da-ba-da)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


just a random thought: the only way for RI and RJ to become one school (RI) is to break down the geographical barrier between the 2 schools (i.e. some of us have classes over at the other side like junior block). Guess that'd never happen.

my 5 days for mugging chem are up. and i'm not really done with the mugging. wonder why i'm so slow this time. used to only need 1+ week to mug for CT/promo. maybe cuz CTs seem so far away even now. or maybe cuz there's harry potter and the deathly hallows beside me begging to be perused.

it's physics tmr!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

revival try no. 7

i know i haven't been posting on my blogs since jan this year.

that's 6 months haha i've told people that i've gotten bored of blogging but i guess the reason is i really don't know what to write anymore. In truth, i have tried 6 times to revive my blog but none have succeeded. i write for a while and get stuck and decide i'll continue later but i'd just stop. i guess another reason is just that i didn't find the time. maybe cuz i keep trying to blog about the big things like orientation where there is just so much to write. maybe i should go back to blogging about daily life first.

and so here we are. (: the past week has been torturous. forcing words into your brain wasn't as easy as i thought it would be. i seriously thought of giving up a few times but i guess the thought of having to retake SAT drove me on. i'm glad i didn't give up cuz the vocab list turned up to be really helpful. i didn't really do that well but i'm hoping i get higher than the last time. the essay this time was totally >< though. didn't know what to write. sigh.

had fun at mike's house. watching movie. their house is really nice. unfortunately, it's so far away. ):

oh badminton was fun too. i'd love to have played soccer but i was afraid of being thrashed haha. sigh. as i told jiggy, i really wonder what i'd be today if i had taken up a sport in sec 1. maybe i'd have more confidence. but den again confidence is not necessarily a good thing.

and so the mugging sessions come again. 3 weeks to mug PCME. rarh. i truly miss the sec 4 days...

okay i better post this before i save draft and leave it for later again. (:

in hope for a better blog,

let's revive it!









Monday, January 11, 2010

note to self

stuff to note:
1. mug chem (by fri)
2. chem tutorial (by next mon)
3. econs essay (by thur)
4. GP find a file
5. highlights rehearsals
6. CO pracs
7. write cards!

should i be signing up for more stuff? haix.

today was first day of school for this year haha. not bad luh. spent homecoming with HouseD haha. quite fun although it was a little boring standing on a chair holding a sign. haha. but okay luh. hm seems like our chem teacher is not bad just that it seems like i'll have to do my tutorials on time now haha. ms mok is our math teacher. hope she's nice like mr koh haha. (: econs was slack and matsuri was a relief.



i'm determined to post this post.

sigh. it's really been a while since i've posted on this blog. since the last post, i've
1. gone for council retreat and came back
2. yum cha countless times in countless different restaurants with countless different names (but they all look identical).
3. got forced by eugene gan to buy moments by exdee but got treated to ice lemon tea and seaweed chicken in return.
4. overtaken matt in photo count on facebook

i remember the days when blogging was my daily activity after school. kind of stopped it last year partly because i started to write longer stuff and most were saved as drafts and eventually deleted. but it's also because i kind of busied myself with too many things last year. this year it's all As (hope i get that for my As too). but let's first look at 2009 which was a super eventful year.

I remember myself being the super super enthu kind who wanted to sign up for 10 CCAs and couldn't really choose (okay lots of people were like me) so it was kind of weird that I ended up in Council and CO. I really wanted to join interact because i felt it was very meaningful and fun but ohh it's totally like my choir experience in RI.

okay wait im supposed to be reflecting on 2009.

so backtracking even more to dec 2008, i signed up for lots of programmes as advertised by yitao. i was basically the kind who couldn't really make up my mind what i really wanted to join and therefore joined all and see what i could get into. in the end, ycm was a bad choice and i kinda feel guilty that i wasted a slot for someone who could have done the job better than me. but shine was rather fun. haha. the people there are really nice (maybe just pubs but still...). haha. jackson still talks to me on weekends when he's out of camp so that's nice (: i guess the most important thing i learnt in shine was how to always be positive. song kwang was quite inspiring to watch. sometimes the things he says are quite cliched but you could see that he always stayed focused and positive and he was really passionate about what he was doing. i guess having a set goal and believing in what you are doing is very important. jackson was another person who really inspired me and he's really the definition of nice guy. haha. really enjoyed meetings with him around.

den there was chingay. haha chingay was quite fun but i guess i never really fit in with my group who were totally RAH-RAH to the max (i swear they are...). haha. they are really a crazy bunch of people luh. i really dreaded the training sessions but the actual event was fun luh. hahaha the fireworks were great and i got to see all the performers walk by. i guess it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience so i don't regret joining it. haha. i remember that becoming a motivator was also a yi4 shi2 de4 chong1 dong4 kind of decision but the experience was not too bad luh. more happening than ushers... haha.

and there was MPS. hahaha. i dunno what i should say about it leh. went for 10 sessions. quite fun luh but the timings are really bad like it's late at night. but i think you get to see different types of people luh. kind of messed it up at first but got a bit better later on before suddenly stopping to go (sigh it's kind of bad...)

but i guess YAH was the best experience. Joining as a member, it was a great surprise to suddenly find myself in an EXCO position and I'm really thankful for the chance. I guess initially, my commitment wasn't that good due to all the council stuff and CO stuff but the YAH BB was really good. Once again, I guess it's the people who make the event special. I really enjoyed working with YAH peeps because they are really friendly haha. Esp. loved my VM comm with Julia, Doria, Jeremy, Cas, Khanh, Terence... KENNETH! lol. if im a boss in the future, i'll definitely hire kenneth as my COO. haha. but i guess there are lots of takeaways for me from YAHBB. It's all about EQ i guess. how to make people under you work but make it sound like it's not work. haha. it's kinda hard. but i really looked forward to all our meetings and stuff. James is another inspirational person i've met and once again it's his passion and his determination to make YAH successful which makes him special. and of course his friendly yet at the same time strict personality made us all respect him. yvonne was a different type. the very warm kind of person and very friendly too. haha i loved interviewing with yvonne haha. it's super funny (: there's no dai4 gou1 at all!

WLC was the other external event. this was the super last minute but still very successful one. haha. WLC was really an interesting experience because there were like so many foreigners around me but at the same time, so many friends too! when i first heard of the project, it sounded like some PW bullshit and I thought it was never gonna work out. but somehow we managed to pull through. haha. although our duty was more of getting the speakers and stuff (which was the easier part), we had a tough time liasing with others (i still remember michelle scolding me over the phone for like 10min). haha. but we still managed to pull through somehow. there were so many memories from WLC. The airport pickup was the best. With me, kenneth and lumpy running around picking up people and people staring at me and wondering "why the hell is this boy carrying a sign saying world leadership conference". haha. at hotel81 trying to answer all the questions from the foreigners. on the first day, in the morning, packing all the stuff and seeing one whole long queue of people. and the times when we were all in the small room in the corner trying to mug but ending up slacking. haha. those were good times man. really enjoyed that week of my life. Once again, it was the people who made WLC a great experience. The peeps were really super enthu about everything even though some programmes were a little screwed up. That made everyone happy. And the friends around me who constantly made me smile and laugh. haha. OH! i remember the times we had lunch at kou fu too! haha. sighhh. WLC!!!

Back in school, CO was okay luh. I guess I had lots of fun prac-ing with perc with kweky, victor, liyuan, linghui, yongsheng... hahaha. and concert was rather fun too. but there was much more that i thot we could have done. sigh. still think the whole CO is rather segregated unlike band. haha. oh wells. but well a gold is still a gold so i'll take that (:

Joining council was probably my best decision of the year. haha. i always knew i was gonna find difficulties fitting in because council was full of rah-rah people and i'm not exactly the rah-rah people. i can only rah-rah with very close friends. but comparing a life with council and a life without council, i'd definitely have joined council. i'd probably have worked much much harder for elections. haha. i was kinda the type who 'okay loh get in den get in. don't get in den suan4 le4'. esp. after there was so much talk within CO that council was BADDD. hahaha. but honestly, council made my life so much more fun. starting with NAT DAY! haha. the month leading to nat day was seriously very very very fun. haha. all the nights spent with games gomm (i.e. penny and matty)... haha building memories through shared experiences. i'll never forget those memories. all the qian2 tu2s and stuff. haha. the pulling of white cloth around MPH. the AV stuff. haha. really enjoyed myself. I guess nat day isn't exactly the most happening comm around but i still enjoyed myself thoroughly and it made me more accustomed to council and get to know lots of other councillors haha. so that's good (: In the end, it was once again the people: Matty, Penny, Charlotte, Zeb, Weite, Justine, Xiner... who made the experience unforgettable. With council also comes HHhouseD. haha. i'll admit i wasn't really a house person in pri or sec school. all i did was participate in events i was really confident in like weiqi and maybe math. haha. i always thought that houseD was gonna be my last choice until joelynn came along. OH YES. council also meant council buddy and joelynn is a GREAT BUDDY! hahaha. omg. i think she's the best buddy you can find luh. we're still meeting for buddy lunches. (: at first i guess i was really shy haha but now it's better luh. we are more open with each other so we can talk more! (: she's a really a very very very very very EXTREMELY nice girl. hahaha. people usually say i'm a nice guy but she made me want to be more nice so u can imagine how nice she is haha. (: ANYWAY, back to houseD. haha. so joelynn caused me to want to join HouseD and so i filled in houseD as my first choice on my council sheet. i guess i fit in more to houseD than CCAD bah. haha. i remember the times when shanzhi called me to ask whether i wanted to join CCAD instead cuz they needed a drummer. haha. but i really am not rah-rah unlike jerald so i guess jerald was the much better choice. anyway i really love my HOUSED haha. i guess we are all rather shy (even MATT! maybe not sixuan though). haha and i always think that when shy people are put together, they are all not shy anymore because they can relate to each other better! haha. i dunno luh. that's how i think. but anyway, everyone is super nice. omg. haha. there are many shared memories once again including the HHpubs board memories, IHC MEMORIES. OMG IHC. hahaha. i never knew IHC was so fun. even sports

hmm also had IBN attachment last year. haha. this time the project wasn't as good but i guess it was passable. my presentation went not bad so it's okay bah. but once again, it was the people who made the experience fun. haha. shiane and shah and yuan han who were always with me in the lab office. lol. we spent lots of time together having fun haha. the best part was the heart attack we played and the forfeits hahahaha. so funny (: and den there was daisy, yar oo, sue and KELVIN! hahaha KELVIN! omg. some super weird guy hahaha. but lots of people say i look like him. haha. somehow he feels like my elder brother (maybe cuz he always bullies me). but haha he always made life much more fun cuz he just keeps talking and talking and talking. but he's super smart too. omg. hahaha. i want to be a bit like him in the future. damn smart and popular! hahaa. really loh. he can just talk to anyone on the bus to holland v and start talking about that person's project. haha. but the best part was when we sang together. hahaa. really fun (: some more he taught me a few singing skills. (: overall, IBN was very fun because of them! really enjoyed the lunch-es! hahaha!

i'm not sure what kind of impression i've been building up within the teachers. i hope it's a good one though. haha. sometimes, i think teachers get the impression that i'm the smart ass type who doesn't study but gets good marks.

i guess there were a lot of other small random stuff like the raffles perc thing that kinda failed. den there was RACE TO HEALTH which wasn't too successful either but was kinda fun (:

and of course the HK trip. hahaha. (:

so that was 2009.

i guess it was really the people who made my year special. So here's a special thanks to:
1. 4B'08 peeps who are still very close to me (:
2. 10S06R for the wonderful times in class haha.
3. HH HouseD for being super nice and funny!
4. Games Gomm for being wacky like matty (lol).
5. IBN peeps for the fun lunches and talk cock sessions
6. WLC peeps
8. Super nice people like Joelynn, Jackson, James, Yvonne, SK!

it's not a very organized reflection. and there are many more special days to remember. i'll write it in another post! bye for now! (:


Saturday, October 24, 2009

For HH from MATT: it's a bird! it's a plane! no, it's IHC SPORTS!!!111 okay no it's a bird

HI HH!!! No, we're not dead, merely slightly knocked out from the all-too-recent Promos. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for you, our horsey house never stops being happening~~ Promos may be over but IHC SPORTS is coming up!!!! IHC Sports is so epic that it gets a bigger font (even though 3 days only lah, but still).

It doesn't take a H3 Math student to know that we're currently lying in 5th position. Does this mean we've been the worst house through and through for the whole of 2009? THIS ISN'T TRUE. It merely means that we made little boo-boos in Orientation and IHC Aesthetics, and with IHC Aesthetics' buff and manly elder take-steroids-every-day brudder, IHC SPORTS, coming up, the race is very much open.

"Okay", you may say, "why should I care about HH?? HH SUX LIEK S***." If you're one of the 0.000012135245% of HHians who think that way, by all means, take IHC Sports as an opportunity to showcase your talents and play sports that you would otherwise never have the opportunity to play in, with a chance to win FAME, GLORY, and most importantly, "IHC CHAMPION" T-SHIRTS. So that's why you should sign up!

Yet the other 99.999987864755% of us know that IHC is above individual glory. It's about proving once and for all that HH isn't half as bad as people make us out to be. Maybe you maintain that you don't feel for the house, but surely you feel a twinge of annoyance when someone carelessly says that "HH iz 4 nubs u gg". Maybe you claim that the house system doesn't mean anything, but then you are lying. Everyone regards the house system with some seriousness whether they know it or not. When you walk around school wearing a HH PE T-shirt, being a member of HH will be all you appear to people who don't know you. If you hang out at the HH House 'Ome every single morning, people will - whoops, we don't have an 'Ome anymore, bad example.

And because of this, we at the House D and House Comm feel that we all have a stake in IHC, and this is hence an appeal to YOU to sign up for IHC Sports events! You don't have to be Buff, Strong, or Handsome - though these would of course help. The only thing you need is your name, your class, your preferred events, and a pen.

Seeya at the sign-up boards!

Signing off,
your favourite (and only) House Directorate

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mojo Jojo

Monday, October 12, 2009


Hmm PWWWW ><